Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dying Arabic Script

The computers had played its role in the making of the dying Arabic script.

Currently there are only a few remaining of the Arabic calligraphers, who were once highly sought after for the work to produce elegant scripts for interior decorations, or writing in the mosques or palaces.

The computer is a wonderful tools that can duplicate and emulates the work of best calligraphers at a friction of the cost. Moreover it can be modified to different orientation and look.

The art was inspired by the writing of Quran. Islam had prohibited the crafting of figures for fear that it can be a source of worship as it had happened to too many of the earlier religions. So the writings became the expression of art, where you can see the beautiful words of quran were being crafted and placed in the mosques.

Read the star news...

4 days ago ... BEIRUT: Lebanon's few remaining Arabiccalligraphers, whose elegant script and interweaving words transport one to another era, ...

It is sad to see the art that was the pride of the Muslim world went off as the need of the calligraphy is no longer available. The arabic scripts is going through a nature dying process.

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