Friday, November 30, 2012

Learn Arabic with Maha Lesson1

Today we have a young and beautiful teacher. Her name is Maha. We are going to learn a very short lesson.

It is about your name.

You will say ... Ismee... Maha my name is maha

and you will ask for his name.

maa is muka.. what is you name (male)
maa is muki .. if you are asking a girl,

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1. The Arabic word "Ma" is a wonder word that has so many meaning. It sound confusing for a learner like me and I thought it was odd until we think of similar situation in English, which we tend to take it for granted. In this case 'ma' is meant to be a question form and can be translated as "what".

2. The pronoun "ka" or "ki" is possessive pronoun, the like of "your". In arabic many of the words changes according to 'gender' and many other criteria.

3. In English , we learn about singular and plurals. However the Arabic has singular, two and plurals.

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