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Easy Arabic Language investigate the nature of arabic words. Arabic Words are divided into 3 groups. They are:

1. Nouns ....اسم

2. Verbs ..... فعل

3. Particle  ....حرف

A. Nouns atau "ismu" is the word that refer to name of a person,place, animals, or any living things or non living thing. For example:

بقرة  ---- baqaratun ---- a female cow
ثور ----- thurun   -----   male cow
جاموس ---- jaamusun ---- buffalo
 قطة  ----- qit to tun ----  female cat
دجاجة -----  da ja ja tun ---  hen - female chicken
ديك -----  di kun   ----  male chicken
شجرة ---- sha ja ra tun  -- a tree

Types of nouns
Basically the nouns are further divided into male or female:

1.muscline - مذكر   (mu zak ka run )
2. feminine -  مؤنث   (mu ann nas thun )

There is no definite indicator to show that a word is masculine, and as such all are considered masculine unless there are indicator that it is feminine. A word is considered feminine when you have the followings:
    1. a word that refer to female- e.g, mother ام,  , daughter  بنت, bride groom عروس   , female cow.

    2. the en of the word with ta' marbutah  ,  خادمة - a female servant.,    ابنة - a daughter,  كبيرة- big, جديدة - new,

    3. Name of a place  --- مصر  Egypt,

    4. name of body's organ which is normally in pairs. يد  - hands

    5. Any name ending with the letters  alif hamzah. --صحرة  -  desert,  صفراء - yellow,

    6. Name that is considered as feminine like   the earth  ارض , war, house, wind, the sun, fire- نار

ام,   بنت   ,عروس   ,   خادمة,   ابنة   , كبيرة  , جديدة مصر , يد ,,,رجل,, صحرة ,,صفراء ,  ارض ,  نار

More examples of Feminine words

ابرة - a needle
باخرة - a ship
تلاوة - reading
تفاحة - apple,
ثمرة --a fruit
حقيبة -- a beg,
سفينة -- a ship,
شفة  -- a lip
ضريرة -- small

Examples of Masculine Words --- مذكر
Door  --  باب
House --  بيت
Country --   بلد
Date --     تمر
Hill  ---      جبل

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