Friday, October 4, 2013

Good Luck in Arabic

Today, I had learned from Maha how to say "good luck" in Arabic.

There are 3 ways to say good luck. However they are a direct translation of the English Language as different language may have a slightly different ways to say a similar things.

These are the different ways: 1. hath sa'eed - directly translated as "happy" luck. Hath means luck and sa'eed is happy. The wordings seem to be said in reversed ways. 2. bi nnajah - consists of two words. Bi meaning with and najjah means success. When these two words are joined together, the word "bi" is transformed to become "bin". A reader of Quran will understand this format under the topic of "idram" 3. The third way is to say "bi tawfeek"