Sunday, April 29, 2012


When I started to learn Arabic, I found it odd, as the Arabic ROOT WORD is past tense or FA'IL MADHI and from FA'IL MADHI, other words can be derived.

I am used to the Malay and English systems, where the root words are normally a nouns or ISIM, to use the Arabic equivalent.

I Arabic, another king of nouns can be derived from a verb, FA'IL MADHI,  the nouns is called TOOLING NOUNS . I did not catch the Arabic Word for it. What it does is, the past tense word is transformed to be a nouns for the tool or equipment that does the verb.

There are many style to transform the verb to become a tool. The transformation style is called the WAZAN.

1. WAZAN 1 - FA A LA --- become MAF A LUN

فعل...... مفعل

2. WAZAN 2 - FA - AAA LA  becomes MAF AAA LUN

فعال .....مفعال

As an example  FA TA HA meaning .. he open it, converted to the tool to open.. or key, a new word is formed ..MIS TAA HUN.

فتح....... مفتاح

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