Friday, November 25, 2011

learn arabic with Maha lesson 6

Today we are on the lesson number 6.


The topic of todays lesson is on the name of different countries. Please take note of the following peculiarities:

1. The name of a country may not be the same as that of the English. There are 2 basic sources of the differences, firstly, the English may be changing the original name of a country, like Singapura was changed to Singapore. Secondly, the Arabs may like to change the name, mainly to suitthe language. Arab does not have the letter 'G'.

2. There is the prefix al on all the countries. It does not mean that it the word "the".

3. Arabic does not have a capital letters like the English.

These are some of the countries mentioned in the video:

- Egypt - misr
- Jordan - al urdun
- Emirates - al imarat
- Japan - al- Yaban
- China - al-seen
- America - Ameerika
- England - Enkiltra
- Italy - Weetalia
- Spain - Esbania
- France - Faransa.

There are more in the vidoe, happy watching.

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