Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing Yourself

Many people will be arguing about the best way to learn Arabic. Each has their own logic and his point of view. As for me, let us just do it. It will take time and a lot of practices.
Let us with Carole, she does not sound Arabic, so much the better, as the Arab may tend to speak too fast.
Our first lesson is to introduce ourself.
1. She is using the word…”marhaban” – which to me seem to mean welcome. Most likely that she is introducing herself to a group of audiences and welcoming the audiences.
2. Surirtu – imply that I am glad , bi – means with, biliqa i – mean meeting and ka means you, which is for one male. .. ki – you woman … kum –you plural
The Arabic words can be combined to make it appear to be one word. In this case biliqa’ika is in fact 3 separate words joint to appear like 1 word.
3. I like the second introduction – ismi = my name. Arabic does not have the verb of “am” or “is”. Thus it comes.. my name Carol.
It is not uncommon to say a form of greeting such as Salam.. In  fact the global practice of shaking hand is brought by the Arab to Europe through Spain. Arabs was leading the world for more that 600 hundred years before the English started the empire.

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