Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learn Arabic from Maha 5

We are learning Arabic with Maha.

Today is about greetings:

The video Link is given below:

The Learnings are on the followings:

How to say...:

1. Assalamu alaikum

It consists of three words,

a. assalamu - mean peace from the root word ... salam
b. ala - is a proposition or haraf .. translated as "on". but it can change depending on the context.
c. kum means you all. It is the plural of ka, however it is used even for a singular or man or woman.

The respond is the reverse. ...wa alaikum assalam
meaning ... and on you is the peace..(too)

It is the muslim teaching, when they meet they have say the 'salam' and shake hand. The salam is a form of prayer, when we say our hope that the other will be in peace. continue..

b. marhaban ...and the answer is ah..lan.

c. sabahul alkhair
It consists of two words .. sabahu and khair
sabah... is morning, rather the early morning

khair is good, in arabic the prefix al, means the, so

alkhair -- the good.

One of the thing that baffle a new learner like me is, the last later of the word can change its sound, like the sabah.. it can be sabahu, sabahi or sabaha, depending on the context.

The rule is complex as there are many factors that govern it.

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