Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way To Select A Good Learning Program

If you had made the decision to start learning Arabic Language, then your immediate task will be to select a suitable learning program. There are many program being offered, if you were to surf the internet, then you can see the range of choices. Basically you can divide the offered programs into two broad categories:
1.The traditional face-to-face learning
2.The system guided programs such as CDs or e-learning.

There are a few factors to be considered in selecting the program. The factors are as follows:

1. Your intended learning objectives. There are various reasons why people learn. Some may be going for a visit or staying in Arabic speaking countries. Most likely, he will require to speak Arabic to communicate with the local Arabs for his daily chores, such as buying goods, booking hotel room or asking for direction. Then you will require a program that is focused on daily communication, without the complication of the grammars.

2. Your preferred learning styles: Some people prefer to learn through practice while other prefer to study alone.If you are the type that do have the self discipline to follow the instructions or the guides given by the CDs or the e-learning, then probably the best choice is to do a face-to-face class.

3. Timing. There two aspects of the timing. First, how urgent are you to learn the subject. If you want to learn the fast within a month, then the best way is to combine the face to face class and the CDs. The second aspect is, your daily schedule. Are you an office worker with 9-5 job. Then you can have a choice whether to attend the night class or learning through the computer downloads.

to be continued....

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