Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learn Arabic - Lesson 2 (Part 3) - Writing Arabic

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v3zah (5 months ago)
one suggestion though, you might try and make the examples consist of longer words, they wouldn't have to mean anything in particular, just use 5 to 6 consonants, join them and try to spell the word. No vowels, just using
ba'a, ayin, faa, shin, alif, and make a word out of it, then pronouncing the consonants. I had fun trying to connect about 10 consonants and then spelling them out
v3zah (5 months ago)
it's true, i've tried to find some comprehensive arabic lessons on the net but these vids just made me stop, grab a pen and paper and just try and learn
NubiaJendayi (5 months ago)
These are wonderful! InshAllah, I plan on downloading the textbook and printing it out when I get ink. I really had a hard time moving past the alphabet before I saw these. You may have already made this and I haven't seen it yet, but I have some questions on reading vowels with the letter lam-alif. Did you make anything on that?
Radjettababe (5 months ago)
Your videos are so great! They are very clear and easy to follow. I am so glad that I found instructional videos that are FREE because they are great for supplementing the course material from school. I hope you continue to make more of them. Thanks!! :)
arabicdashstudio (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback - you're not the first to ask me to slow down in the lessons! I'll certainly bear it in mind.

Maybe you could pause the video when you need to copy stuff down? Also, if you get the textbook from the Arabic Studio website, it might save you some time making notes.
chaymaes (5 months ago)
your really good but you needa go a liitle bit slower and leave the writing on the bored so i can copy it down

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