Thursday, October 11, 2012

Learning From Understandquran dot Com

One of the site that I did to help me in my journey was understandquran-com. I appreciate the good efforts done by Dr Abdulazeez, and I pray that his effort will be rewarded.

There are four type of courses offerred. The best part is, all the courses was free.

The offered courses are:
- Short Coursesof the
- Basic Courses
- Full Courses
- Children Courses

It courses were available, I think 4 years ago. When I check today, there is a small fees  charged. I think it is reasonable, the speaker has to earn a living, so are the support staff. The fee is very reasonable, and about the course of a book.

I like his style of total interaction. After all that is what we do when we speak, our arm and body movement are helping to deliver the message.

All the program was in English, but now there are many variety to it. Somehow, I am more comfortable with my native Malay language. It is not that my command of English is poorer, but the Malay language has a lot of similarity to Arabic. Hundred of words in Malay have their origin from Arabic language.

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