Saturday, February 4, 2012

Learn Arabic from Maha Lesson 14

Learning Arabic can be taxing.

The structure is very different from what we are familiar in English.
One of the new thing that I had learned, the Arabic sentences can start with either nouns, verb or even haraf.

For example, the word "fi" translated as "in" in most circumstances, can be at the beginning or middle of a sentence.

example 1: the pen is in my hand.

alqalam fi yadee

The Arab will merge 'the pen' into a word alqalam.
my hand is merge into yadee.

example 2: In this case the word 'fi' is put to the beginning of the sentence.
- fi alghurfa kursee
laterally translated as in the room chair.

You notice arabic language seem to be complex. It is like compressing the sentence to lesser words.

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