Thursday, December 1, 2011

learn arabic with maha lesson 9 - About the different jobs

Today we will learn arabic using a new topic.
It is about the names of different jobs, let us listen to MAHA...

Let us view the english translation, I do not write the arabic text as it consume too much of my time to do it...

In arabic the nouns are normally divided into two gender grouping, male and female. The basis group is male and to change it to female we normally at addition letter, the ta ة. However not all word follows that simple rule.

lawyer (male) muhamee

lawyer (female) muhameeyah

doctor (m) tobeeb (f) tobeebah

electrician (m) kahrabe'e (f) kahrabee'ya

actor (m) mumaathil (f) mumathilah

worker (m) a'amil (f) a'amilah

driver (m) saa'q (f) sa'aqah

tailor (m) baae'e (f) baae'eh

engineer (m) muhandis (f) muhandisah

manager (m) mudeer (f) mudeerah

carpenter (m) najjar (f) najjarah

student (m) taaleb (f) taalebah

What make it worst for new learner like me is, the above are only for singular, then there is another words for dual of two of them and another for 3 or more, each come with the gender naming.

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