Friday, July 22, 2011

Arabic With Maha Lesson 8

Maha, the Arabic girl will continue with lesson 8.

This time the learning will be on the normal salutation that we do when we meed friends or person that we know.

English: How are you ( for both female and male)

Arabic: Kayfa Haaluka (for male)
Kayfa Haaluki (for female)

Notice that both are spelled the same in Arabic, but pronounced differently.

The respond will be:

English: I am fine

Arabic: Ana bi khyar (for male and female)
Interestingly the pronounce for I, for first person is the same for male and female.

Then it will be polite to ask back..

English: What about you?
Arabic: Wa anta (M)
Wa anti (F)

See the youtube Here:

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