Thursday, December 9, 2010

categories of words - nouns - isim

In Arabic, the words are categorized into 3 groups:
1 - isim, it is the nouns in English, hoever it is not exactly like the English grammar.
2 - fael, or verbs
3 - haraf -or particles.

من انت؟
'man' is an interrogative pronoun, or domir which can be translated as 'who'.
'anta' is an pronoun means 'you'
in Arabic, there is no verb 'to be'
So the sentence is translated as 'who are you'.

انا نديم٬انا طبيب امريكي
'ana Nadim' I am Nadim
'ana tobibun ameriki' .. tobibun means a doctor and ameriki is american.
Please note that the abjective is after the noun, unlike the English where it is before the noun.

من هي٬
"man hiya" man is who, hiya is she, ... in English.."who is she"

هي مريم٬
hiya Maryam... she is maryam
هي فتاه
hiya fataatun... she is a girl

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