Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lesson 1 Arabic Alphabet

easy arabic
الدرس الاول

الاحرف العربية

There are 28 letters in Arabic compared to 26 in the English alphabet. Some of the letters have similar sound to that of English, while some may not. Although there are similarity, it is not an exact match.

Another characteristic of Arabic letters are that, the letters can be spelled and the students are expected to be able to spelled it. This is because the spelling has the significant to its sound.

1. alif ا
2. ba ب
3. ta ت
4. tha ث
5. jim ج
6. ha ح
7. kha خ
8. dal د
9. dhal ذ
10.ra ر
11.zay ز
12. sin س
13. shin ش
14. sad ص ض
16.tha ط
17.zha ظ
18. ain ع
19. ghain غ
20. fa ف
21. qaf ق
22. kaf ك
23. lam ل
24. mim م
25. nun ن
26. ha ه
27. waw و
28. ya ي
29. hamzah ء